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Let's translate your knowledge into a no fuss money making empire with Online Learning!

You can put your feet up sweetie while we build your Coaching Empire with out the tech overwhelm, analysis paralysis or bullshit.

Built On
Your Website

Transform your WordPress website into a seamlessly integrated Coaching Portal with the addition of the LearnDash plugin.

This is the best way to ensure that your investment, your website content, your course content and most importantly your customer database remains securely yours at all time.

Easy To Manage,
Easy To Use

LearnDash is designed with ease of use for both you as the Course Creator and your clients in mind.

With a seamless design that steps you through building your courses on the back end.  And an equally stunning design on the front end that guides your clients through each Course, Topic & Lesson.

Turn Your Courses into Cash

Manage all of your one-off course payments, or choose to charge a recurring subscription for access.

All major payment methods are able to be integrated, including PayPal, Stripe & AfterPay, making it even easier for you to monetise your online coaching.

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keep it simple sweetie

We don't want to overload you with information right now.  We just want you to know that our fabulous (all Sista team) will build you a kick-ass Online Coaching Portal.

Our system means that it won't be a full time job in itself to have it built or for you to manage or maintain and is a hellova lot more affordable than you probably think.  Plus, your clients will love the shit outta it!

We don't put any limit on the number of Courses you can offer once your Online Coaching Portal is live and to get you cracking and ready to make money straight away - we'll upload your first Course for you.

And as for why we're the Sistas you need... coz we know our shit & we skip the bullshit sweetie!

Frequently Asked

We get that there's a lot of techo-talk when it comes to website design & development.  That's why we keep it simple sweetie and why no question is a silly question to us!

We've found our clients prefer to choose from one of our carefully selected range of fav Themes.  This acts as a Live Demo so you can see how the website will function and feel.  Keep in mind while looking at the Themes that all text, images, colours and fonts will be customised according to your instructions.

We'll build your new website on one of our development servers.

Once the development is complete and you're ready to launch, we'll then migrate the entire Development Website onto your live Website.

In other words...

We build somewhere that won't interfere with your current Website or business.

We copy and paste what we've built onto your current Website.

We can leave your Hosting exactly as is, if that’s what you’d like.  Nothing will change with us building your new Website on your current Hosting.  

Just so you know tho, our hosting is superb and in the long run it's usually more cost effective.  

Nope.  Who you choose to Host your Website is completely up to you. 
We prefer that our Client’s Host their Websites through us so that we know exactly the kind of standard of Hosting you’re receiving, and so that we can be sure that your investment, and our hard work is properly protected.

Any images that we use on a Website need to be high resolution so they display correctly on all devices and don’t go blurry.

Also - 'Landscape' images work so much better than 'Portrait', so make sure the majority of your images are in Landscape please.  We cal also use the occasional 'Portrait' too.

Image sizes should be AT LEAST 2200px wide. 

Yes.  It's super super easy to update your site ... if you can send an email you can update your site 😉

We make sure you're armed with all the info you need to manage it yourself (if you want to).

We have a complete Training & Support website setup to help you, with over 40 instruction videos, and a pdf user manual you can print out, spill coffee on and dog ear pages lol.  

  • A long established professional web developer putting together your customised WordPress website
  • Your choice of Premium Theme from our carefully selected favourites
  • Theme customised to match your branding
  • Responsive layout for PC’s, tablets & smartphones
  • Your logo added to the header
  • Customised Home page, according to your chosen theme
  • Contact Page with contact form, business contact details and a sexy location map if needed
  • Up to 5 other pages, which could include a Gallery, Portfolio, Services etc ( you supply the content and we’ll put it together for you)
  • Blog – (you know you need a blog right!)
  • Email Newsletter System integrated with your blog, so you can send automated email newsletters to your subscribers and customers. You can also upload a CSV of your existing customer database to get you started super fast
  • Opt-in box for your email newsletter system – gotta grab those email addresses
  • Social Sharing buttons, making it easy for visitors to share your content
  • Social Media links to all your profiles
  • Click to Call button on the bottom of all pages when viewed on smart phones
  • Sitemap page - standard setup
  • Privacy Policy page - standard setup
  • Terms and Services page - standard setup
  • Guidance with choosing and purchasing your domain name if required
  • Secure Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Training Videos & Downloadable PDF User Manual available from within your website Dashboard

Website Inclusions

It's hard to know where to start when having a new website built.  We recommend having a chat with us first so we can make sure we can find your perfect Domain Name & register it for you if you'd like!

  • Assistance with purchasing a Domain Name (if you don’t already have one).
  • Secure, managed WordPress Hosting & free SSL Certificate.
  • Off-site Website Build meaning we build your new Website on a demo URL.  This means that your current website won’t be disturbed at all until we “Go Live”.
  • One Theme selection from our range of samples.
  • Theme customised according to your requests of fonts, colours, text content & images.
  • Your Logo displayed in the website header.
  • Click-to-call phone number at the bottom of each website page when displayed on a smartphone.
  • Responsive design that will display professionally on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops).
  • Each Website Page will have a link to it from the top Navigation bar.
  • Home Page customised to include your provided text content & images.
  • Contact Page with a Contact Form, your business contact details & a Location Map.
  • Blog Page which will automatically display all of your Blog Posts.  This page is optional for those who would like to Blog.
  • Four Website Pages customised with your provided text content & images.  These may be used for a gallery, portfolio, services, ect.
  • Sitemap Website Page which is an automatically generated index of all the website pages on your website.
  • Privacy Policy Website Page which includes a generic statement advising your visitors of how their information is handled in accordance with Privacy Laws.
  • Terms and Services Website Page which is a generic statement outlining the way in which your website should be used by visitors.
  • Email Newsletter integration which allows you to collect Subscribers and automatically send them an email each time you publish a new Blog Post.
  • Opt-in box for your Email Newsletter so you can easily collect new Subscriptions through your website.
  • Social Media Share buttons to allow visitors to your website to easily share your content to their profiles.
  • Social Media Links to your profiles to encourage more engagement outside of your website.

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