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Website Care Plans

Your website needs care and maintenance to run effectively

Look after your website and it will look after you

Just like your computer or smartphone, websites need to be updated & upgraded too.  Website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster and more visible to search engines.  When the software is updated then your website needs to be upgraded to the latest version.

You can do this yourself - or we can handle it all for you!

When you sign up for one of our Website Car Plans, we keep your website updated, upgraded, visible making sure it's running smoothly and safely for your audience. No contract or commitment — just peace of mind.

What are your options?

  1. Don’t do anything – no backups, no upgrades, and no security.  This option is similar to never changing the oil, tires or belts on your vehicle.  You have a higher chance of something breaking, and it will cost much more to fix it.
  2. Educate yourself – maintain the website on your own.  Backup, upgrade, and secure your site regularly. Know what tools to use, how to restore your site from a backup, how to fix broken code, and how to configure proper security, etc.
  3. Hire someone – complete backups, all necessary upgrades, and security.  A professional can quickly set up your website with the required settings, as well as keep your site up-to-date for full functionality and protection against known security threats.
Sistas in Success - Without the Bullshit

What Our Support Plans Include

Keep WordPress, themes and plugins up to date

Make sure your site is backed up and secure

Quick restore if anything goes wrong

Add pages, products, photos, graphics and videos

Keep your home page fresh for return customers

Edit, revise or update your existing content and graphics

Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

No contract. Cancel anytime.

You may not know what a lot of this nerdy techie crap is ... and that's our point!

Someone needs to be looking after this stuff for your website ... we understand what needs to be done - so let us take care of it for you.



Website Maintenance & Reporting

Software Upgrades

Uptime & Security Monitoring

Performance Optimisation

Detailed Monthly Report

Off-Site Backups

Scan & Fix Broken Links

Database Cleaning & Optimisation

Email Support

Content Changes & Extra Support

Monthly Strategy Call

How-to Video Tutorials

Instruction Manual

Client Dashboard

Monthly Tips n Tricks Newsletter

Content Creation

Silver Care


per month

Monthly Site Backups

30 Minutes

Gold Care


per month

Monthly & Weekly Site Backups

1 Hour

Platinum Care

$347per month

Weekly & Daily Site Backups

2 Hours

6 Month Content Strategy Plan

Extra Website Security

Keep your website clean and protected with one of our Security Addons.

Giving you peace of mind and support when you need it most during a security incident.

Continuous website security monitoring to quickly identify potential threat.

Why Do You Need Extra Security?

Website hosting is much like a computer.  It is supplied with software to run the programs you need but doesn't protect your computer from viruses, hacking or other intrusions.  If you want security to protect your computer it needs to be added and paid for separately, and it's the same for a website... sucks I know!

Your website hosting includes the actual hosting on the servers and if you're already hosted with us, it also includes us keeping the software updated for you. While this reduces the chances of your site getting attacked, it doesn't eliminate it - and as we go further down the technology road, the more dedicated and determined hackers become.

Added security not only helps to stop hackers from gaining access, but also stops them being able to attack with brute force - which effectively slows your website down to a crawl - which in turn affects your Google rankings.

There are also a number of regular tasks that should be carried out to keep your site healthy, not only for google and the other search engines - also for visitors to your website.

Things like:

  • monitoring up-time (lets us know if your site is down for any reason),
  • regular off-site backups (you can never have too many backups - and off-site is highly recommended),
  • letting us know if files have changed when they shouldn't,
  • tells us if any of your business details change on domain registration,
  • monitors who is logging into our admin area,
  • much much more.

Under Attack?

With our Platinum Care  Security Addon we will not only monitor and secure your website, but if it's under attack we will thoroughly scan and clean your site bringing it back to it's original shiny new condition!



Website Security Protection *

First Month  -  Includes initial indepth scan, analysis & clean if required

Complete Website Firewall

Malware & Hack Scanning

Brute Force Protection

Stop Hacks and DDoS Attacks

File Change Detection

Protect Software Vulnerabilities

DNS Monitoring

WHOIS Monitoring

Clean Hacked Website *

Complete Website Hack Cleanup

Malware Removal & Hack Repair

Remove Defacements

Full Blacklist Removal

Backdoor Removal

Repair SEO Infections

Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring

Pro Security Addon


per month *


VIP Security Addon


per month *


* Note - Security Addons: 

  • Must be used in conjunction with a Care Plan
  • Are a 12 month commitment
  • Requires  an initial indepth scan, analysis & clean (if required) at the start of each 12 month period

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